Ceremony Writing Services

Rehearsal Direction

Are you set on having a relative or friend officiate for you? 

It sounds like a good idea initially, but most couples find the person they have chosen who is not an experienced wedding officiant won’t even know where to begin to construct a ceremony. Or, you get close to their date and find out that nothing has been written yet by your designated officiant for the day, and this task is now up to YOU.  

We always recommend our team of ministers to make your ceremony writing and delivery extraordinary. However, you may be out of our area, or unable to find a professional, or maybe you still just really want your favorite uncle to do this. We can still help! 

We will write your beautiful custom ceremony for you, and that fave relative can present it as your officiant. We turn what could be an impending disaster into a SAVE of your day. Fill out an Inquiry form and I will call you to hear a few details of your day and outline the process and fees.

Ceremony rehearsals are an often overlooked, extremely important part of the wedding ceremony process. 

In order to ensure your ceremony goes smoothly, you’ll want a skilled professional to help guide you and your family and friends through the rehearsal process. 

If you have a friend of family member officiating, we offer rehearsal direction services specifically to fill in this gap and make sure your day goes smoothly.

Baby Blessings and Baptisms

Welcoming a new member to your family?

We’re happy to offer baby blessing ceremonies!

Memorial Services

In addition to blessings, we’re here times of transition and passing. If you’re planning a memorial service, please reach out for both grief counseling and to book your memorial officiant.